Day 6: Grocery shopping in the big smoke

The Supa Duka in Kijabe sells a large variety of foods, but once every two weeks I head into Nairobi to do a “big shop.”  Meghan came with me this morning after we got the kids off to school.  It is usually a 6-8 hour round trip, which involves taking our lives into our own hands, navigating the treacherous highway into the city, avoiding oncoming traffic and animals, and rushing around with a long list of things to get…all before the kids get out of school.  Kijabe sits about half way down the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, and to reach the main highway from Nakuru to Nairobi, you have to drive up a very winding and bumpy road.  For the past 100 years, patients with broken bones, pregnant women, and trauma victims have had to endure an excruciatingly painful drive down this road to reach the hospital.  The government has just received a big grant to finally fix the road of its pot-holes thereby making the hospital more accessible.  Today, it was exciting to see that work has begun with a flurry of activity and many individuals swinging picks and hoes.





IMG_0799 copyUpon arrival in Nairobi, we fuel ourselves with some breakfast and excellent Kenyan coffee in preparation for the marathon shopping expedition ahead.  We start at the general store and proceed to the butcher’s, pharmacy, and the fruit & veg store, all the while filling the car to the ceiling with plastic bags and boxes.


I cannot believe that I have resorted to buying food for a HEN!!

I cannot believe that I have resorted to buying food for a HEN!!


IMG_0769After packing the cold foods into freezer bags and boxes, we returned to Kijabe hot and bothered.  Here are some sights along the way…

IMG_0795 IMG_0790 IMG_0789 IMG_0785

And for those of you who doubted the snuggling Lucy and Runt…


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5 thoughts on “Day 6: Grocery shopping in the big smoke

  1. Nores

    Maras we love reading these!! Sending so much love and prayer!! ~the Nores

  2. Thanks for keeping this blog. I discovered it before coming to Kijabe, and now that we are home (6 days now) it’s a nice connection back to our brief time time there. It’s good to see the work on the road is progressing! Anji and I both had a great experience in Kijabe, and I hope we are able to return before too much time passes. Until then, I’ll keep reading marasafari.

  3. Mike and Ann, we love the “blogs”. This chicken and bunny stuff is a hoot! Thanks for taking the time to “chat”. We admire what you and your family are enduring, living… the adventures, the dislocations, the long days, isolation from family…and the devotion you have for the people of Kijabe! Your love for helping others, those who are so impoverished, those so happy to have you there in Kijabe to heal them physically and emotionally, we pray for the nourishment of your souls! Enjoy your trip to Ireland…we are back in Bend for 5 days.

  4. Wahooooo! They’re FINALLY fixing the road!!!!! Love all your pics! Miss you!!!! Rebecca

    Rebecca Griffith

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