Day 5: New life and sunshine!

Today was a good day…

At 11:50am last night, I got a phone call from my brother, Stephen, from the maternity hospital in Dublin!  Anna had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy!  He was 8lbs 6ozs and a complete surprise to the whole family who were convinced that he was a another girl!  His name is Toby (God is good) and he is adorable!  If I could, I would be on the next plane home just so I could snuggle him and cover him with kisses.  Soon.  We travel for Ireland in 3 weeks time, for a summer’s break.  Anyway, new life is the best kind of celebration and although Jane “doesn’t do boys” (her exact words), we are all absolutely thrilled with the newest addition to our family and cannot wait to meet him!

I was woken this morning at 6:40am by an unusual sound coming from the kitchen.  It was accompanied by whispers and giggles and then a “cluck, cluck, cluck.”  Michael and Jane brought their new “pet” into the house and she quickly made herself at home by flying up onto the kitchen table!  Let’s just say, I may have let a roar or two in response.  I have my limits! Lucy has settled in well in the rabbit cage.  She keeps the big male bunny in his place by pecking him on the nose if he gets in her way! As for Runt, the two of them could not be happier together!

To accompany the great baby news, the sun came out…for the whole entire day.  All was right with the world once again as washing dried on the line and the smell of mildew was eradicated from the house.  Laborers were hard at work once again chiseling blocks out of large pieces of stone and building a brand new entrance to the hospital.





I then colored Meghan’s hair…needs must…


And finally, hosted “Dessert Night” this evening, where visiting doctors to the hospital come and meet the long-termers!


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