Day 3: Sad Goodbyes & Mucky Runs

One of my favorite things to eat while living in Tanzania was rice and beans.  While Maida was here, she showed me how to make them just like I remembered!  Beans, salt, oil, onions and tomatoes – nothing tastes as good over a bed of white rice!   After lunch, I headed down to the hospital to pick up some medications for a patient.  It always does my heart good to see the hospital vehicles and their branded logos, curtesy of Face Out Studio, in Bend, Oregon!  After dinner, we attended a farewell party for long-term families who are finishing their terms at Kijabe Hospital and leaving this July.  One of those families is the Myhre’s.  Scott and Jennifer are part of our Serge team here in Kijabe.  Soon after they both graduated from medical school (Scott as an Internist/OB doctor and Jennifer as a pediatrician), they headed out to rural Uganda with a small baby in tow.  They have spent the last 21 years in East Africa, serving selflessly, caring for the sick, healing and treating, showing grace and love to those around them, and raising 4 amazing children.  It’s hard not to feel just a little inadequate around them!  Their last child graduates from RVA this July and they are heading back to the US for a year, during which they will discern where God is leading them to next.  Their faith is real, practical, honest and raw.  They have been an incredible support to our family and we will miss them when they are gone.


IMG_0588 copy



This morning, as with every Saturday morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon frying.  The kitchen is Mike’s domain on a Saturday morning and admittedly, he makes the best breakfasts!  (Despite the utter chaos that ensues during the preparation!) Maida was getting ready to leave and we were all feeling a little sad saying goodbye.  This is the downside to living a life like this – there are always so many goodbyes to be said.  Bosco was eager to go for a run – how could you refuse this face? – and I was eager to distract myself from my sadness…







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One thought on “Day 3: Sad Goodbyes & Mucky Runs

  1. Cynthia DeGroat

    Again, wonderful to see all the pictures and hear about the Mara clan… many blessings!

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