Photos from Day 2: Weather & Friendship

As someone from Ireland, I can’t but talk about the weather!

We have entered into the cold, wet and miserable rainy season!   The short rains, which were long delayed this year, have come with a vengeance.  Because our house is made out of bricks (with no insulation) and has a tin roof, it is often colder inside than outside.  This tends to raise my anxiety levels to an obnoxious high!  Imagine the scene…the dirt roads are turned into sloppy puddles of muck, the kids like nothing better than to roll around in said muck, Bosco picks up as much mud as possible outside and promptly deposits it all over the white tiles on my kitchen floor.   Flying ants come out after the rainstorms, enter under the doorways, in through the cracks and shed their wings all over the house.  Our clothes smell of mildew because we cannot dry them outside or inside!  We light our fire almost every night and huddle around it to keep warm. On the plus side, our garden looks tropical and our shamba has a ton of green, leafy vegetables.


IMG_9657 IMG_9741


DSC_0494 copy





This is Maida Bajeneza.  I first met Maida back in 2000, when I was working in Musoma, Tanzania.  She and I worked together setting up and running a “Development Education and Leadership Training Program” for the Diocese of Mara.  She is a gifted teacher and trainer, and without her, I don’t know if I would have lasted the two years I spent in Tanzania.  While I was there, she applied for a scholarship to the college in Dublin, where I completed my MA in Development Studies.  She was accepted to the MA program and lived in Dublin for almost 2 years.  She got to know my family very well and spent many a “holiday” in my parents home.  Our friendship has lasted over the past 15 years despite living on different continents and this is the second time she has visited us here in Kijabe.  What a gift to be living close to her in this season of life. Michael and Jane adore her, and she them.  She has spent the last couple of days resting and we have enjoyed many cups of tea and chats in front of the fire.



IMG_0585And just because…

…one of my favourite photos (not taken today!)…

IMG_0056 (1)

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One thought on “Photos from Day 2: Weather & Friendship

  1. Cynthia DeGroat

    I truly enjoyed this post… especially about your dear friend Maida. How very special!! I also enjoyed your words and pictures of the rain and your home and the kids. Awesome last pic! May the Good Lord warm you so from within as to dry your clothes while you wear them and keep you all warm while it rains! God Bless!

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