A Week in Photos: Day 1

Let’s be honest – I’m feeling the pressure after Mike’s 28-day blog marathon!  In an effort to level the playing field, I am adopting my own 7-day commitment – not as extravagant, I know, but an effort nonetheless!  So many of you expressed your appreciation at being able to glimpse inside the everyday that is our norm here in Kenya.  I hope these photos will give you another lens through which to view daily life in Kijabe. paul

This is Paul Nganga.  Paul has worked for us since we arrived here almost 3 years ago. He works tirelessly each and everyday cutting the grass with a machete, trimming the hedges with a panga and a three legged self-made ladder, attending to the flowers, weeding the shamba (our small vegetable garden), chopping wood (to keep us warm during this miserable rainy season!), and caring for the rabbits!  He works hard.  You can literally set your clock by him – he is the most punctual person I know! He loves to help Jane take care of her rabbits.  He built these rabbit hutches out of scrap pieces of wood and bits of wire.  There just maybe some more rabbit hutch building in his future too!  I was woken up yesterday morning by a high-pitched scream from Jane.  Every morning, the first thing she does is look out her bedroom window to check on her rabbits.  Yesterday, she was greeted by this scene – Caramel (female) and Carrot (male) outside of their cages (Jane “forgot” to lock them!), running around the garden and driveway and in Jane’s words, “mating together,” followed by, “and it looks like Caramel is enjoying it too!”  I cannot handle anymore baby rabbits.  Seriously!


A quick trip down to the Supa Duka (small shop that sells staples) and the market to get some fruit and vegetables.  Kijabe is small.  Besides the Duka and the market, there’s a butcher, hair salon, hardware store, and a couple of couple of local restaurants which offer up the tastiest offal available in these parts!  Sometimes, my desire to ‘do a bit of real shopping’ overtakes me, and I start rummaging around the local shops.  This is a top I bought at the local Duka, hanging beside the trays of local eggs and the stacks of flour, oil and sugar.  Sarah, the shop owner, was modeling the same top at the time, which clinched the deal for me!


DSC_0471 copy

IMG_0517DSC_0490 copy

One of my running routes here.  A little rocky in places (!) but Bosco confidently leads the way on a narrow road which opens up onto the cusp of the Great Rift Valley!

IMG_0247DSC_0425 copyAnd my biggest accomplishment of all, since arriving in Kenya?  Learning to bake a pie!  (Thanks to Sally and Meghan!)

And those leaves?

All mine…


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5 thoughts on “A Week in Photos: Day 1

  1. Bonnie Wytsma

    Mornin Ann:):)

    What a beautiful new top and an even prettier pie!!

    High 80’s in Bend and even more I flew home from Maui to 98 degrees in Redmond!

    We had a really lovely time in Maui with the 3 of us Esther was a joy and Laura enjoyed herself too.

    Maybe some pictures will come your way soon.

    We have girls while K & T in Italy with their free stay near FLorence…

    Which means I need to get to breakfast, but it was special to get your blog when I got up. Only 6 more to go !

    Hugs Bonnie

  2. Mark

    Great Pictures, and great glimpse into your day. See you guys soon!

  3. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing. A blessing!
    ~Katie Caba

  4. Cynthia DeGroat

    Thanks Ann for the pictures and a glimpse into your daily lives… thanks for sharing your journey…

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