News about Jonah

Jonah continues to struggle along.  He’s breathing on his own, blood pressure and heart rate are stable, but he’s still in the ICU.  He’ll occasionally respond or open his eyes, but is very weak.

Thankfully, he’s stabilized as much as he’s going to in the short run.  Our plan is to go ahead and try to complete his surgery tomorrow.  There’s risk in proceeding, but there’s also risk in delaying.

Laura, the missionary in contact with Jonah’s parents, has sent along this picture of Jonah’s parents.

Jonah's Parents

Jonah’s Parents

On a more positive note, Saidimo, Jonah’s friend from Samburu, is recovering very well from his surgery and is walking better and better every day.  David, the guardian who accompanied Jonah and Saidimo on the plane, was very sick with TB when he arrived.  He’s doing well, and tests show no trace of TB.  As he’s been infectious to others, he’s had to wear a mask since he arrived.  I haven’t seen his face since he got off the plane, but I saw him smiling, mask free, on my way into the hospital today.

Now’s the time to pray.  Please share Jonah’s plight with your bible study, book club, etc.


“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayers.”

Romans 12:12



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3 thoughts on “News about Jonah

  1. Thank you for sharing, Michael. We will pray for Jonah over here across the border…We do pray God will richly bless your work. Much love to all the family from all our family!

  2. Mike — I’ve been praying night and day for you and Jonah. My heart has been heavy all day today as I think about his suffering, and yours, and as I pray for a good outcome to his surgery today. Today, I pray that, no matter what happens, God will take all of you into his arms and give you peace. I worry about you more than anyone in all this — and that doesn’t feel fair to Jonah or his parents. But somewhere God is trying to give us his healing in all of this; I just have to figure out how to see it. I love you.

  3. Cynthia DeGroat

    Praying without ceasing… thanks for the update Dr. Mike… will continue to lift you, Jonah and his parents up in prayer… thanks for Romans 12:12 as well… Many Blessings… Cynthia

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