Update on Jonah…

Thank you , thank you , thank you.  Thank you for caring about Jonah, thank you for responding, and thank you for donating to the Kijabe Vulnerable Patients Fund.  Here’s what you’ve done:

Over 2900 views!

Over 2900 views!

2,900 views confirm that people care about the suffering of others.

Over $6,000 donated proves that you can make a difference.

Jonah will have his surgery fully paid for by your generosity.  This will happen within the next week.  Yesterday, he traveled to Nairobi by ambulance, had his MRI of the spine completed, and returned safely to his bed at Kijabe.  We found him early this morning with a long stick, wacking his friend from Samburu to wake him up to play!

The Samburu duo will have all of their care paid for.

The Samburu duo will have all of their care paid for.

Jonah and his buddy will have their surgeries fully funded by your donations.

And let me tell you a story about Esther.

Esther is six weeks old.  Her mother has five other children, and has been left penniless when her husband disappeared.  When Esther developed a joint infection (acute septic arthritis), Esther’s mother took her to a local hospital.  Not realizing the emergency nature of the condition, the hospital admitted her to the hospital and put her on IV antibiotics.  Unfortunately, no surgeon was available to drain the pus out of her tiny knee, allowing the infection to invade the bone.  Tragically, this hospitalization drained what tiny savings the family had, leaving them with the clothes on their back and one cow.

Realizing that her baby was not improving, Esther’s mom bravely took her from the hospital and brought her to the emergency room at Kijabe, arriving about two weeks ago.  Once there, she was told the serious nature of the condition, and that her baby would need emergency surgery to open the knee joint and adjacent bone, as well as six weeks of antibiotics.  In a panic, she fled with her baby, sure she could not afford the hospital fees for all of this.  She told the nurses she would try to sell her cow, their last source of income and nutrition, and disappeared into the night.

An angel, disguised as an emergency room nurse, persisted in finding and talking to Esther’s mom in the middle of the night, and convinced her to return, and that we would find a way to pay for Esther’s care.  Of course, this kind nurse had no way of knowing how this would happen.  And that’s where you come in!

When Esther was brought back to Kijabe, we quickly took her to the operating room and cleaned out the infection.

Esther going under anesthesia

Esther going under anesthesia

Esther's little knee

Esther’s little knee

The surgery went very well, though we did find some joint damage from the infection having a week to settle into the joint.  Esther has responded beautifully, transforming from a sick, painful, screaming baby to a delightful bright eyed beauty!  Possibly my happiest moment yet at Kijabe was taking Esther’s hospital bill down to the finance office, writing “Paid for by the Orthopaedic Vulnerable Patients Fund”, and sending Esther and her mother home to her four siblings and the cow!

Happy Baby!

Happy Baby!

This happened because of you!

Your donations go a long way here.  $6,000 wouldn’t pay for your first day in the hospital in the US.  But we have paid for Esther’s care, will pay for Jonah’s and his buddy’s surgery, and will have enough left over to pay for four more patients’ surgery!

We’re off and running.  We’re taking care of the poorest of the poor, those who are terrified to even come to the hospital.  Those ready to sell their last possession to take care of their child.  Those who have no choice but to fall into the safety net of the love and support of others.  It’s an almost impossible testament to the love in your heart, that you are helping the most vulnerable from thousands of miles away.  From Jonah, from Esther, and from me, thank you.

You’ve gotten Jonah this far, he should have surgery within a week.  But his little body has a big struggle ahead, both enduring the surgery and recovering from tuberculosis.  What he needs from you now is prayer:  prayer for his recovery, prayer for his parents, and prayer for his future.

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, click on this secure link:


As a “Guest”, look for the drop down menu which will allow you to select a fund, and click “Orthopaedic Vulnerable Patient Fund”

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4 thoughts on “Update on Jonah…

  1. Cynthia DeGroat

    Yippiee!!! Go God!!!! and Go Mikeee!!!! Great News and what a great blessing… been passing this around facebook, Bend Surgery Center and to anyone who will listen… praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!!

  2. Janet

    Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Ann. I am so grateful the Lord called you to that place. I am so grateful you said yes! I am so grateful that before He sent you two to that particular place, He made you into respected and prominent members of this community, so that from that place you could offer the invitation–the privileged invitation–of participation, and it is immediately understood to be credible and worthy. I am grateful for hearts willing to give to help the hurting. Thank you, thank you, Ann & Mike, for seving our brothers and sisters in Kenya! Thank you for saying “yes” to Jesus! May The Lord of the harvest send out more just like you two! (Here I am. Send me.) And may His call meet with willing hearts!

    • Richie and Deirdre

      Mike Ann and family.
      What great work you are all doing in Kijabe.We hope and pray that Jonah,s surgery will be successful and that he may return to full health.We have 500.dollars for the Orthopaedic Vunerable Patients Fund waiting for you to collect when you come home.Carry on the good work.
      Richie and Dee

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