And, they’re off…..

Well, it’s finally happened!  We’re gone.  From our home, our friends, familiarity, security, and our dog Bosco.  To say this is a unique and strange moment in life is an understatement.  We have no home, no cars, no jobs, no particular location to resonate with.  But we do have a purpose!  We departed Bend on Saturday morning.  Ann and I have been working towards this day, and looking forward to it with both dread and excitement, for almost two years.  When the day, and the moment, finally came to leave, we had a hug and a good cry in the kitchen, and jumped in the van to the airport.

Prior to that, we’d taken the kids and ourselves on a farewell ceremony around the yard and house.  We paused in each corner of the yard, and in each room, and shared funny or remarkable memories of that spot.  Probably the most poignant for Ann and I were the memories of her pacing the house in labor, and then bringing our babies in through the front door.  We had a moment of righteous anger at the bathroom door hinge which had pinched Michael’s finger nearly off at age three, and fell on the floor laughing over some of Jane’s outdoor toilet training fiascoes.  Enough said.

We got to the airport Saturday morning full of anticipation and excitement for our adventure ahead.  We sat down, and sat, and sat, and sat.  The plane was broken.  We waited four and a half hours for an airplane mechanic to drive !@$??!  from Portland, pull up to our plane, jump out, spend three minutes on his “repair”, and jump back in to his truck.  Ugh.  The passengers would have gladly taken up a collection to fly the dude to Redmond, but no.

We made it as far as Salt Lake City, barely missed our connection (by three hours), and spent the night in a hotel before flying to Colorado Springs on Sunday.  Here we were treated to the amazing hospitality, encouragement, and prayer time with our friends and heroes the Moseley Family.  They were good enough to drive us and our ten bags down to Palmer Springs, where we’re currently at Missionary Training International for a three week cross cultural training course.

The training here is a little more authentic than we anticipated, as lightning hit the pump for the well last night and we have no water.  The lights flickered but are still on, and they hope to have the water situation fixed by tomorrow.  Getting by on diet Doctor Pepper for the moment, but that could make it hard to sleep tonight.

We’re excited and relieved to be on our way.  Thanks for all of your kind words, prayers, support, and love.

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3 thoughts on “And, they’re off…..

  1. Renee Alton

    Hi Neighbors: so glad to find out about this blog (thanks to HIldy) so I can follow along with you on your adventure. Mia and I are sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye but we know you are on your way to doing great things! We thoroughly enjoyed having you as neighbors and we know you will bless all those you come in contact with on your journey. Isn’t it wonderful that we can take our home with us wherever we go! Much love to all of you, Mia and Renee

  2. Terri King

    God Speed on your incredible journey. Ann, I am so sorry not to have seen you prior to your departure. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, and much love to you!

  3. askewfamily

    Hello Mike & Ann,
    So glad you have made it to Colorado, but what a trip to get there! Will be praying you will not have the same experience the rest of your journey.

    We ran into a your home group last night at the Old Mill (they were having dinner where we were having dinner)… they seemed lost without you two 🙂 I know you all are so missed by many!

    BLESSINGS and post any specific prayer requests!


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