The Journey to Pain

Today was a big day:  the whole family went in for their shots.  As a group, we were perfectly calm and composed.  Ann was explaining to Michael, “This is an important day in our journey to Africa.”  Michael responded, “Yeah, the journey to pain!!”  The kids very much took things in stride, a little nervous, a few tears, when we surprised them at school with the announcement that today was vaccination day.  We’d told them a month or two ago that we’d need some shots before leaving for Kenya, and then let them forget about it until today.  No point in having them full of dread for any more hours or days than necessary.  We all did pretty well until the actual shots arrived in the room:  All Ten Of Them!!!  Neatly arranged in little cups, with our names menacingly written on the sides of the cups.

We had a little family conference, and Jane decided we should go from youngest to oldest, as she was a little nervous and wanted to get it out of the way.  Suffice it to say, her screams of agony were clearly heard in the waiting room.  She got herself into a giggling fit halfway through the second shot, however, when she realized they didn’t hurt!  On to the little soldier Michael, who took three stabs, including yellow fever, without a blink.

The young ones out of the way, surely the adults in the room wouldn’t be a problem.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

Ann’s stoic approach really helped calm the kids, and me.  I’m sure the reason my shirt was drenched was the unreasonably hot (67 F) temperature in the doctors office.

Anyway, that hurdle is cleared.  We’re all nursing sore arms tonight, but we won’t have any more shots for a few years.  Everything else seems like smooth sailing:  the house will close in a week, Ann has been sorting through the intricacies of shipping our belongings between three continents, and our support raising continues to be blessed by the most exciting, engaged, and prayerful group of people we could ever dream of.  We’re hoping for a late July departure….

ps  On review, Jane’s opinion on the whole experience:  “It hurts like a banshee!”

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7 thoughts on “The Journey to Pain

  1. kath ritter

    I wonder where she got that particular phrase from, Ann??!!! Awesome!

  2. Jan wood

    I love Ann’s face in this pic. Good thing she didn’t go first. Reminds me of the shots we got for our trip to India. Your arms will be sore for a day or two-all worth it!

  3. Gary Jacquot

    Now the doc knows how his patients felt!!!

  4. Paul

    Classic post Mike 🙂 I love this bit – “It hurts like a banshee!”

  5. Vicki Prazak

    What great pictures 🙂 Also what great story telling in all the posts!!!!! Thanks for the video and talk at work. We have a couple we know doing missionary work in Nicaragua who owned The Mustard Seed Restaurant a few years ago (hence the name). They have their 3 young children with them. Our vet here in Redmond also volunteers over there. Steve’s brother was in the peace corp in Swaziland and met his wife there. His father has been there too. Someday we would love to go to one of those places for a short time. Prayers

  6. Great post! LOVE all the faces, especially Ann (btw, I think she’s faking that face… she’s WAY tougher than that!) You guys are amazing!

    • She wasn’t faking! “they hit a nerve, they hit a nerve!!!” We miss you guys. Let’s get some pizza at jacksons or barbecue on one of our decks sometime soon.

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