Reality Check

This has been a week of reality checks.  On a very exciting note, we received an email that we’ve been assigned a house in Kijabe!  The village houses are named after birds, and we will live in the Weaver House.  The house sits just above the hospital, and the dirt road up to Rift Valley Academy, Michael and Jane’s school, runs a short walk out the back door.  From the patio, we have a beautiful view out over the Rift Valley.  The Tjong family, currently living in the house, was good enough to post us some pictures of the house, and we’ll buy all the furniture, dishes, and utensils from them as they leave.  This couldn’t have worked out better, saving both families the difficulty and expense of moving an entire household of necessary but cumbersome “stuff.”  Having an actual Kenyan address represents an exciting step forward for us, reminding us that, after years of planning, our chance to begin working in  Africa approaches quickly.  We’re already dreaming of settling in, getting the kids started in school, making new friends, and getting to work.

The flip side of the excitement of establishing our Kenyan address is releasing our address in Bend, Oregon.  For the Mara’s, 31 NW Tumalo Avenue holds the memories of being newly married, bringing two beautiful little babies in the front door, countless evenings at the family dinner table, and a parade of family and friends who have joined us on our journey.  The house went on the market this week, and the parade of loved ones has been replaced by real estate agents and prospective buyers.  Ouch.  Never has the saying about God closing one door and opening another applied so literally.

Another reality check this week has been a couple of significant medical issues popping up in people we love very much.  The thought of being far away as these things arise makes us a little sad, a little lonely, even before we leave.

Our overarching reality, however, is that we’re loved by God, and that he has called us to serve in Kenya.  All of these big steps, are really little steps along His path for us.  We’re thrilled to be moving forward, and are thankful for all of our great friends who have encouraged us along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Colleen

    Lovely house! It’s so exciting to see the photos! Everything is as it should be. You’re both such beautiful writers. I’m happy we’ll have this blog to keep up on your adventure. Having moved twice from our babies’ first homes, it’s definitely full of emotion, but it’s true that your home really does feel wherever you’re together. We’re praying for you.

  2. Sara and Justin

    What a gorgeous place! The work your family will be doing is absolutely amazing! We will miss you, but know that it is well worth it.

  3. Sheila Allan

    Mike and Ann,
    We’re so very happy for you, and just a touch sad for us, but we understand that you are following God’s plan. What an exciting journey! Of course our prayers go with you, and we’ll look forward to following you on this blog. You are going to have such a profound effect on so many people!
    I love you all, and can’t wait to see you in June!
    Sheila & crew

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